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      in Camp on Duck River."

      "It's right. It's all right. It's God's ways," said the mother.

      "I'll stand no more foolishness," he called out249 angrily. "If you don't surrender at once I'll blow your rebel head off."

      "Groundhog' d got hold of a letter o' your'n to your girl up in Wisconsin," gasped Si, "and was readin' it to the crowd. Here's a piece of it."She Ran Like a Deer, But si Cut Her off 123

      Shorty overheard the "Captain" say to his partner:


      "We have a preacher he's the Chaplain of the regiment," suggested Si.


      Capt. McGillicuddy stepped over to the right of the line stopped in front of Harry Joslyn and Gid Mackall. Shorty full-cocked his gun with two sharp clicks."Great Scott, Pete, you must stop askin' questions," said Si desperately. "Don't you see Pm busy?"